Stock image of Kumajiro

A few stuffed animals (ぬいぐるみ) have been released by Movic for the series.

Retail and second-hand values vary depending on the item.

Item DetailsEdit

The two stuffed animals currently made are of pets in the series.

Stock image of the Puffin Plush.

Both plush are rather large compared to usual Hetalia merchandise.

Canada's Kumajiro-san PlushEdit

Kumajiro was released on November 18, 2010. It has a retail value of 2625円 ($35.00). The plush measures about 30 cm tall, and features a Canadian flag as its tush tag.

Puffin-san PlushEdit

Puffin was released on July 14, 2011, with a retail value of 2940円 ($39.20). It measures about 28 cm tall.

User PhotosEdit

External LinksEdit

Kumajiro-san Plush on Movic

Puffin-san on Movic

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